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Greg and Nickie Moore

Meet the Owners

Greg and Nickie Moore are from Houston, MS. With an inspired heart they decided to open their doors to the public and offer one-of-a-kind handcrafted wood furniture. With only the family working together you are guaranteed to get exceptional quality. Nothing leaves the showroom floor without their hands touching each custom piece.

100% Made in the USA

Our custom furniture is handcrafted, right here in the USA, using only the very best lumber. We take the appropriate steps to ensure your furniture is the best quality, safe for your family, and stays beautiful for years to come. None of our products are built using construction grade materials.

We work side by side with one of MS best sawmill. We take time to hand pick all of the lumber we use in each piece.

We carry a wide variety of sizes, lengths, and species of lumber.

From "Live Edge", book matched slabs to dimensional lumber. We have the widest selection in Chickasaw county.

Moore sawmill

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the wood come from?
The wood we use for our custom furniture comes from storm damaged trees and our sawmill. No store bought lumber.
All Aspen is harvested from a small town in Colorado. We travel there a few times a year and harvest them from mountain tops and valleys. We never cut these trees, they are already down due to snow storms.
Is the lumber safe for indoor use?
Yes, we NEVER use treated lumber for our indoor line of wooden furniture. We also use stains and finishes that are safe for family and pets.
Will the wood crack or split?
Over time all "REAL" wood will move or breath. Depending on the climate in your area wood will either shrink or expand. This gives the custom piece character, but will not effect the quality of the piece.

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